Lots of little stuff…

  • Seat covers installed, but not in car
  • ignition switch installed and it works
  • battery installed … still needs top hold down clamp
  • Fuel pump installed and lines hooked to carb .. no gas in tank yet
  • all gear boxes full of grease
  • antifreeze installed
  • engine filled with special startup oil … not started …. told them I wanted to be there
  • cut-outs to be operated with key fob …. one control for both cutouts
  • Steering box still being worked on ??
  • Headliner complete
  • Best exhaust ever … everybody in shop loves it

Exhaust Installed

B&B Muffler (Dan) did a Great Job.

After rear bumper is installed he will make the final tail pipe length cut and adjust tail pipe height.

Also will install one more support on the tailpipe.

Three of the attached photos shows some available tail pipe tips (DSC09523 -> 9525). We need to select which one we want. One of the photos show a straight tip temporary on the tail pipe … Dan suggested this one (DSC09545). Right now there is not tips on the pipes.

Exhaust started…

Took 55 to B&B Muffler to have exhaust installed. Not going to install until tomorrow. (see attached photos)

note .. new tires. also first sun light 55 has seen since restoration started (5/23/17)


  • 2.5″ pipes (aluminium-isted steel)
  • series 50 Flowmaster mufflers
  • cut-outs with bypass around muffler and then back into exhaust pipe
  • no x or H connection
  • exhaust pipe straight back along frame (without bumpers will leave extra length until bumpers are installed

Took steering box and column off … steering box adj problems (may have to get new steering gear box)

Note: Engine shown in attachment is a 427 “small block” Ford for one of Steve’s projects ….. 675hp … a great drop-in engine for the Bronco ….. ~$15,000.

Slow progress…

Steering column and steering wheel installed

Working on front seat upholstery … finally got seat padding



Wheels painted…

Wheels painted, tires installed on wheels, balanced.  Exhaust next week?

Small Progress, but ….

  • rear interior windows installed
  • more interior trim
  • rear seals for area between body and bumpers
  • Wheels painted … install tires Friday
  • Grill ordered
  • Gas pedal to carb installed
  • PVC installed
  • Steering column ready for installation

NOTE: Steve talking about having exhaust installed next tue/wed. Hope you guys can be available to discuss and follow installation

Interior Started

Tire Measurments


Even more assembly…

  • Windshield wiper assy installed … along with washer kit
  • Speedometer installed and hooked-up
  • Everything ready for Radio … just waiting for it to arrive
  • Hood ornament really pitted …. new one or refinish … whichever is cheaper
  • Grill really blah looking … needs lots of refurbishing .. or new … again cost
  • I have wheels and tires … going to remove tires & paint
  • Spare tire is a Firestone “500”, 7:75-15 … maybe 215/75/15 will fit … need to do some testing
  • Right rear window track need lots of cleanup or replacement (Mice pee & poop … a mess). (This window well was completely full of mice nest)
  • Seat springs being cleaned, blasted and painted … really look good
  • Right windshield top chrome part dented badly … sending off for repair
  • Plan to talk with exhaust folks next week. Steve and I really like Dave’s muffler bypass design.
  • Buying halogen head lights
  • Ooops … forgot to check on electric fuel pump and cut-off switch
  • Need to check on whether 3 point seat belts are going to work

More assembly…

  • Engine compartment almost(99%) complete
  • Gas tank installed
  • Trunk mat installed
  • Rear shocks installed
  • Wiring complete
  • Interior metal parts painted, window frames, steering column, steering wheel
  • Springs ready for sand blasting, painting and new seat covers
  • and …. “Roscoe” the killer guard dog